A Growing Trend: Indoor/Outdoor living

When we look back at our overall living habits during the last year and a half, the difference is, shall we say, unprecedented. At times, we have not been able to get together with friends and family, and when we could, it has been socially distanced and mainly outside. This has created a greater emphasis and continued rise in indoor/outdoor living. In particular, the aesthetics surrounding that space. 

We will refer to outdoor living many times in this post, which generally, covers different areas such as dining, home office, socialising and enjoying time outside of the bricks and mortar home. Our main focus is on finding the ideal flooring surface for your design and how to develop a garden space that will become a seamless transition and extension of the home. 
Porcelain for seamless indoor to outdoor transition 

Deciding to develop an outdoor living space can bring many benefits to physical and emotional health. These spaces provide fresh air, which can lead to increased creativity, more fun and reduced stress. It’s visually appealing and of course, an increased amount of overall space for entertaining, relaxing or family time. There are opportunities to improve any outdoor space large or small by using the cleve design and the most suitable, stylish surfaces. 

Flooring is a key area to consider when transforming your indoor/outdoor living area. It is important to choose a surface that flows through to the outdoors from indoors creating a feeling of space and openness. From our experience, Porcelain tiles are a great choice to help achieve this outcome.  The benefits of use range include durability, resistance to water and the sheer extent of available colours, size and effects. 

Depending on the design requirements, many effects such as wood, marble, cement or even metallic can be achieved. There are no rules and no boundaries, it’s all about creating that lasting impression for clients. 

As we hope to return to a new normal in the coming months, our prediction is that the trend of outdoor living will not be going anywhere but upwards. 
Bosco timber-effect porcelain tiles - Beige
Empowering Design

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To get started with your next transformation project, please visit our website, or contact our team who will be happy to help. Find inspiration and explore our range of Porcelain collections here.  

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