FindSurfaces empowers creativity.

FindSurfaces is a smart way to discover the world’s largest collection of amazing surfaces, from marble and limestone to glass, timber, metal and much more. We are passionate about expanding the range of surfaces used in design providing options that allow Architects, Interior Designers, and Developers to get excited about surfaces – and have fun with design.

Creativity is intelligence having fun’. Albert Einstein

Find Surfaces makes the complicated simple. is a platform that offers a rich source of specification information, instantly and in one location. We provide designers, architects and contractors with a unique solution to developing your surfaces package for projects. We exist to empower each and every client, reducing time and effort, eliminating the need to approach multiple suppliers. By joining the platform, you will be supported by an expert team of specialists, ensures that your design team can solve almost all your surface requirements in one online location.

We offer both innovation and experience

At FindSurfaces we boast a long-standing, worldwide relationship with artisans, factories and quarries, providing our customers with the highest quality products at very competitive prices. Innovative new designs and collections are created in collaboration with our artisans and factories. This not only pays homage to the traditional craftsmanship but meets the evolving needs of the design community with current and future design trends. We are dedicated to supporting artisanal industries and taking a supportive approach ensuring that these artistic businesses are here to supply the design community for many years to come.

We provide project support

By joining the FindSurfaces Project Centre you will have your own personalised project centre that sits live in the FindSurfaces platform. The benefits to you as a member are fabulous – as each of your projects are developed and fine-tuned, the system can be easily updated, from products, to colours, to finishes and quantities. The Project Centre allows you to collaborate with colleagues, instantly push your selections to quotes for approval by clients or sent to Main Contractors for final editing of quantities confirmed on site and then ordered – all on the platform.

Why join

FindSurfaces is a daily source of inspiration and fresh ideas. We provide a rich and relevant context of suitability, affordability, technical, care and maintenance and budgetary information – all instantly. We offer you with a one stop destination where all your needs for surfaces can be found, ordered and delivered.