Interior Design Colour Trends 22/23

This sector is exciting and consistently pushing the boundaries in many areas. We have been looking ahead, specifically at the colour trends for Summer/Spring 22 and Autumn/Winter 22/23. What is in store for our homes and commercial interiors? The world of interior design is as fast-paced as the world of fashion and architecture and design is becoming inspired by tech innovations such as 3D Printing.

Spring/Summer 22 Colour Selection 

As our lives transition, so too has the meaning of colours we want to see in our homes and daily lives. The move away from a quick fix for a seasonal approach is now more focused on longevity and reassurance. The 22/23 selection of colours offer a clever mix of colours for versatility and a timeless feel, whilst focusing on a wholesome sentiment in homes. Please keep reading to explore the colours that will be influencing and inspiring the sector.

Olive Oil

The colour green, especially when derived from a natural source such as fruit or vegetables, offers designers the opportunity to bring the goodness of nature into the home. This shade of green offers an ambience of calm and quiet and can be blended easily with darker shades or contrasting textures.

Watercolours terracotta collection - 015 

Watercolours terracotta collection - 009


Creamy, comforting with an appeal for both men and women. Yellow has been a rising star for some time and the milky appeal of this tone could sit nicely for a more traditional design in living rooms or adds a solid colour for kitchens and smaller spaces. The neutrality of the shade allows the design to explore new combinations such as vibrant pairings.

Watercolours Terracotta collection - 021

Mango Sorbet

Be inspired by this tropical colour for Spring/Summer 22/23. This hue is not yellow, but also not orange, so opens itself to a variety of design options. A perfect colour for the season, whether used in mosaic or as a solid colour.

Watercolours Terracotta Collections - 024

Atlantic Blue

The sustainability of our oceans and environment is fundamental for future generations.  The sector of interior design including its product development and manufacturing processes has become very aware of this need. The creation of colours, such as Atlantic Blue aid in promoting this message by reminding us of the calm and magical emotions that come from the ocean. 

Watercolours Terracotta collection - 029

Autumn/Winter 22/23 Colour trends

New trends embrace uplifting ambience and stylish contrasts with both texture and depth versus light. Comforting and exciting at the same time. Lots of opportunities to create some distinction with these colourways.


Is there anything better than the rich golden colour of honeycomb? Or in fact, the upbeat and bright feel from the colour yellow in general? There is no wonder then, that honeycomb has made its way into the top 5 colour trends for Autumn 22/23. Any shade of honeycomb will offer interiors a sense of warmth and possibility and is part of a collection of ochre tones. The uses for this colour are endless, be it as an accent blended with browns and terracotta or as a bold statement within the design. 

Watercolours Terracotta collection - 040 

Let’s go green

Nourishing and soothing, Jade offers interiors a tranquil and calming colour for surfaces and walls. The milky combination of green running through white, is clean but not clinical. It offers a sense of balance for the home and combined with complementary surfaces and colours, the effect will be timeless and usable across multiple interior designs.

To expand on the use of green, this colour is a dominant presence for interiors, especially in living rooms. The freshness created by this colour is reminiscent of summer foliage in our gardens and summer flowers. The imagination can fly with the hue of green. Choose different shades such as blue-grey, blue-green or neutral such as sage. 

Watercolours Terracotta collection - 052

Dark oak standing strong 

It’s not black and it is not brown, yet it will work with washed black. The moody tones of dark oak are becoming popular in interiors to emulate a heritage look and finish. Dark oak can be combined with a multitude of surfaces from statement walls to floors and weaving in antique pieces for an authentic feel.

Classico 150 wide rustic oak planks

Bewitching Lazuli Blue 

The future is looking blue and for a statement or dramatic design, showcase Lazuli Blue in surfaces for 22/23. The colour is bright, bold and definitely not boring. For those not brave enough to have a feature wall or floor covering, accents work well, blended into other complimentary colours.

Oxido Terracotta Square Tiles - 001

Orchid Flower  

Don’t be put off by this delicate name, it will certainly turn heads with the vibrant pink nature of Orchid Flower. Surfaces and interiors within homes and commercial properties could certainly handle this lively colour by combining with metallics, or glossy coatings to create statement accents in the design. 

Pulling us back to this year, the Pantone Colour for 2021 is Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Cool solid gray and positive bright yellow, a perfect combination. These colours blend effortlessly together, with interiors benefitting from the solid grey hue and the yellow bouncing through using accents for effect. To create this combination in design using surfaces and colour, the Find Surfaces collection offers ...

Watercolours Terracotta collection - 004

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