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Marble is once again staking its claim on the trends board for 2021, which is no surprise. As a natural material, it is luxurious, it has unique colours, veining and offers an exciting opportunity to create striking, individual and beautiful bathrooms. With the following suggestions of 2021 bathroom colours trends, Find Surfaces source marble for you from across the world, we can find something specific to suit every project. 

 Bathrooms are a reflection of their owner's personalities and personal taste, it’s a room that's both functional and very personal at the same time. It’s a sacred space where form and flow meet, to create a relaxing environment. Bathrooms are a great space to allow a little creativity and below, we’ve looked at how colour trends can create inspiration in these spaces. Enjoy. 

Aqua blue and yellow

This colour theme may require some tone consideration, as bright sunshine yellow and sky blue is not to everyone’s taste. Why not follow the creamy ‘butter’ yellow trend colour and pair with a paler washed blue for a toned-down alternative?  

 We have selected some lovely blue and yellow marbles from our Live Gallery.


Azul Bahia slab - Live Gallery


Lemon Onyx slabs - Live gallery

For the full collection of Blue Marble and Onyx's click here 

For the full range of all our Yellow Marbles and Onyx’s click here 

Peaches and cream

For the ultimate in elegance and relaxation, choosing a peach hue for the bathroom is the right way to go. The peach is a subtle shade and allows some colour to filter through. It does, however, open the door for adding additional texture using tiles and marble for contrasting colour and a more bold look. 


Breccia Damascata slab - Live Gallery

For the full range of our beige/cream Marble and Onyx's click here

Dark tones, big effect

Just because a room is smaller, it doesn’t mean that it can’t pack a punch in the colour department. Bathrooms can benefit from a statement wall, either using tiles or paint. Why not consider adding a pale marble floor or sink unit? Use statement fittings such as brass or gold to accentuate the veins and natural colourings.


Amore Brown slab - Live gallery 


With earthy, natural shades expecting to be prominent throughout 2021, the look and feel of bathrooms will be relaxing and calming. Marble is a natural material and will add an instant feeling of luxe and pleasure to any bathroom. A key benefit of marble is that it can be cut to size for any surface and the selection of finishes available is extensive. 

The Find Surfaces way

 With so much choice, you may wish to explore a few different options and consider both cost and beauty at the same time. Our team are experts in discussing design requirements and critically, we can act as a sole provider for all surfaces included in a project which offers designers a number of benefits. We can work with you, suggesting material quantities and qualities, all the while managing the needs of your client to ensure the process is seamless. From concept to delivery, our team can assist and deliver every single stage of your project, we can work with you to create bespoke solutions and source products to meet or exceed your expectations.

Our team of experts at Find Surfaces have created and honed a fluid, fast-paced and easy way for clients to view, receive quotes and pay for materials delivered of course, to site.  Everything can be managed easily through just one platform. 

Our Live Stone Gallery is a ‘real time’ online facility within the Find Surfaces website, to view current stock for projects. This function allows homeowners, Architects and Interior Designers to browse a variety of options, see the colours, patterns and tones of our ready-to-send pieces. This service enables you to personally pick your perfect materials and create show stopping rooms.  

Browse our marble collection and visit our Live Stone Gallery to see the latest marble slabs available.


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