Semi-Precious stones are exceptionally raw masterpieces, admired and appreciated since ancient times, each individual piece a unique gem that can never be recreated or copied.

Created by nature over many thousands of years, these precious stones are one of the rarest forms where natural beauty originated. Their structure is a perfect creation of small crystals coming in a kaleidoscope of colours, tones and fields of depth.

Find Surfaces Semi-Precious Collections offer true elegance, class and beauty, and the ultimate touch of perfection for any interior. From classic to modern, from romantic to contemporary...offering touches of precious metals such as gold and silver, a large choice of textures and colours expand and enhance your design possibilities.

We can create unique bespoke pieces - vanities, splashbacks, worktops, bath surrounds, feature walls and much more. We make to order based on your designs - offering a consultative approach to create your design into a truly unique handmade masterpiece.

This approach to our clients ensures that Find Surfaces design and quality expertise will exceed your expectations and allows you to have true ownership and creative license over your design.

Our manufacturing standards are centred around the careful quality control from beginning to end – from raw materials, through to selection, processing, design and packaging to ensure we only offer the very best Semi-Precious solutions for you and your clients.



  • Semi-Precious


  • Stone

    • Semi-Precious


  • Beige/Cream

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Bronze

  • Brown

  • Gold

  • Green

  • Grey

  • Orange

  • Pink

  • Purple

  • Red

  • White

  • Yellow

    Material Name

  • A

    • Agate Ambra Semi-Precious

    • Agate Atena Semi-Precious

    • Agate Blue Giant Semi-Precious

    • Agate Blue Semi-Precious

    • Agate Cezanne Semi-Precious

    • Agate Crystal Semi-Precious

    • Agate Delta Light Semi-Precious

    • Agate Delta Semi-Precious

    • Agate Green Semi-Precious

    • Agate Grey Semi-Precious

    • Agate Hypnosis Semi-Precious

    • Agate Jellyfish Semi-Precious

    • Agate Jewel Semi-Precious

    • Agate Moss Semi-Precious

    • Agate Natural Semi-Precious

    • Agate Phoenix Semi-Precious

    • Agate Rubane Semi-Precious

    • Agate Umbra Semi-Precious

    • Agate White Lilac Semi-Precious

    • Amazonite Semi-Precious

    • Amethyst Lux Dark Semi-Precious

  • C

    • Calcite Bleu Semi-Precious

    • Calcite Orange Semi-Precious

  • F

    • Fluorite Semi-Precious

  • J

    • Jasper Desert Semi-Precious

    • Jasper Green Semi-Precious

    • Jasper Ocean Semi-Precious

    • Jasper Red Semi-Precious

    • Jasper Shellflint Semi-Precious

    • Jasper Zebra Semi-Precious

  • L

    • Lapis Lazuli Semi-Precious

  • M

    • Malachite Regular Semi-Precious

  • O

    • Obsidian Semi-Precious

  • P

    • Petrified Wood Black Retro Semi-Precious

    • Petrified Wood Black Semi-Precious

    • Petrified Wood Brown Semi-Precious

    • Petrified Wood Brown With Green Semi-Precious

    • Petrified Wood Red Semi-Precious

    • Petrified Wood Yellow and Beige Semi-Precious

  • Q

    • Quartz Chocolate Semi-Precious

    • Quartz Green Semi-Precious

    • Quartz Hematoid Semi-Precious

    • Quartz Pink Light/Dark Semi-Precious

    • Quartz Smokey Dark Semi-Precious

    • Quartz Smokey Medium Semi-Precious

    • Quartz White Semi-Precious

    • Quartz Yellow Light Semi-Precious

  • T

    • Tiger Eye Blue Brick Semi-Precious

    • Tiger Eye Gold Brick Semi-Precious

    • Tiger Eye Iron Semi-Precious


  • Honed

  • Leather

  • Polished


  • Length

  • Width

  • Thickness