Sustainability - The new choice of materials

Nature offers such huge inspiration both for interior design as well as architecture. The use of natural and sustainable products and surfaces is not only a hot trend for Spring/Summer 22/23 but also a positive step for the environment. 

The new choice of materials

A growing trend, which has risen from the impact of the pandemic is that within homes there needs to be a place of sanctuary and calm. A place where comfort and cosiness welcome the owner. The home has become not just a functional place to be, but a place where work, life and socialising happens. To create this space, the trend is looking for quality, durable products that are aesthetically pleasing but also will remain useful for many years.

Natural products can create a multitude of different ambiences for interiors. A shift towards soft materials and textures is becoming ever more popular with today’s architects and designers, as well as homeowners themselves. This blog post will explore surfaces that can serve the latest trends, as well as being conscious of their impact on the wider world.


Clay terracotta has moved on from just the pots found within every garden centre. The choice available to consumers and designers is vast. This hardened baked clay can bring colour, texture and warmth to commercial and residential settings and is a powerhouse when it comes to durability and sustainability. Using Terracotta creates a natural elegance in any room, and this can be achieved by choosing from a variety of colours and shaped tiles for floors and walls. 

Elegance Natural Terracotta tile

Hand Painted Ceramics

Sustainability combined with durability can be bright and beautiful. Knowing that the process to create the tiles or material has been less impactful on the environment, offers a warm and satisfying feeling. Using local artisans to hand paint terracotta tiles, not only supports local communities but it provides a bespoke service to clients and delivers an exclusive outcome.

Hand-painted ceramics metallics collection


The trend for natural materials such as timber within interior design is growing and pushing into 22/23. The use of reclaimed timber such as boat wood, old worktops or furniture, for example, can be cleverly integrated into an old meets new design. The use of timber for floors, wall panelling or stairs is growing in popularity due to the excellent choice of styles and finishes available. From Oak to Beech or antique to engineered timber, clients can choose their ideal material and expect longevity and quality in their homes or offices.

Oak timber collection 

Bright colours Spring/Summer 22/23

Yellow and Ochre combined, integrated with natural products and materials is given a clear nod for the upcoming seasons. Designers are looking to encourage as much light and positive feeling into their designs. Terracotta and yellow are the perfect combination to help the imagination drift away and let the warm feeling of Mediterranean sunshine flood in. 

Brass is still a big trend and is certainly creating some waves. It has enjoyed a well-earned reinvention of late, with a toned-down version of the brass colour from the 1950s. Its more honed and brushed effect motions a classic feel with a modern twist. Pair brass inlays with wooden floors or tiles, or use brass fittings in kitchens and bathrooms to add a flash of metal colour. Check out the Haute collection which is beautifully sophisticated and custom made for a bespoke outcome.  

The natural material revolution is happening. Priorities are moving away from consistently upgrading and changing to investing in quality and sustainable solutions. In the face of this new era, we see the importance of home as an office as well as a social setting. Find Surfaces have the products and expertise to deliver what is needed, why not browse our extensive collections.  

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